Solve your data problems using the business inteligence tool ASK.BI!!!

Is your data making your life harder?

How many days per week are you under stress, because of unavaliable data or information?

Get yourself an ASK.BI pill, and calm yourself down.


Have you suffered business damage, because you waited too long for your report?

Be fast and agile / initiative when getting your reports!

Gut feeling

Are you making choices with insuficcient data?

Trust your gut feeling, but confirm it with verified and correct data. Avoid making mistakes!

Set actions.

Are your employees putting their money where their mouths are? 

Make sure there are no more excuses!


How many people put their personal interests before business interests?

Get yourself a proper tool to notify your employees!

Finally, only "ONE" truth

Have you ever found different truths?

Enable yourself a centralized reporting system.

Make sure there is only one truth in your company.

Join the best team and develop the tools of future together!


some of our references


Don't BI, just ASK.BI!


 ASK.BI is a simple analytical tool.
where you can create your own analytical views.

Alternative to big PIVOT tables,
tools, such as Pro-Clarity etc.

If you have cubes, you almost have it all,.... the only thing missing is ASK.BI!



 You can get all trends with just one click using ASK.BI - on any view!


Or trend from every number, the power of OLAP technology and ASK.BI!

Together with your plan.

Have you ever asked yourself, how long does it take for all this?
1 hour, 2 hours ... for every view?!
Is it even possible to get all this from your system or does it always cost you € and a lot of "EXCEL HELL"?



Access your dashboards from anywhere, anytime!

Analyze trends, visualize different business areas on one page, create new recognitions.

WIth  ASK.BI, you can define and set everything on your own!


Automatic reports

Do you have any special reports or cards?

Do you want to impress your business partners with neat reports?
Do you want to automate report distirbution to your co-workers?
Automatically over e-mails. (Excell attachements)

It is easy using ASK.BI!



Do you have a prediction model?

Prediction: will you let the math do your prediction? Maybe your CRM? Or your already inserted orders? - let us know what is the nature of your business!

Integration with other systems

It is easy to integrate ASK.BI with other systems!
The only condition is web technology.

Integrate your system into ASK.BI or the other way around.

Integration examples:

  • ERP system
  • Document system
  • MES system
  • CRM system
  • HRM system
  • Productionsystem...

Easy, uniform information accessfor decision making and everyday work!


ASK.BI - Google your data

ASK.BI's user experience is usurpaced and easy to use.
It has to do everything like all others, and it knows how to "google" your data.

Install anywhere: cloud or your location!
Linux / Windows / Unix

Tested in over 80 companies in Slovenia, USA, Russia, Serbia, Croatia,...

First and only solution on IBM Marketplace (source 2016-2017)



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