About our company

About us?

ResEvo d.o.o. was founded in 2007 as a result of the desire to develop complex, innovative and high-quality software solutions and is becoming an increasingly recognizable brand. From the very beginning, the company has invested heavily in knowledge, which in combination with experience enables us to offer our customers what we are looking for – quality solutions that enable us to perform our work even faster and better.

ResEvo represents people: young dreamers on one side, older and more experienced on the other side, but essentially we have all the same goal – to provide innovative and high-quality software solutions.

We are competing in the global world. Cloud storage, internet … we are all just one click away from each other. You’re probably not aware of our achievements and innovations yet. We cooperate with large and small companies in Slovenia and abroad.

What is our work?

The company develops and implements software that supports business operations. The main part of our development are the systems for planning and analyzing the operations of companies and organizations. We are working on developing solutions in the field of project management and organization of production processes. All the time, we follow the new ICT trends, which have dictated support for mobile devices lately.

Cooperation, not competing

Development of our own comprehensive information solutions and services is impossible without top-level knowledge and good business partners. We are very aware of this and therefore we put a lot of effort into building strong relationships and trust with business partners.

We invite you to get to know your information and to properly use it. Join us!





The heart of ResEvo is the team of extraordinary people.


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ResEvo d.o.o.

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